Class VehicleInfoSimulation

  extended by de.steeringbehaviors.simulation.simulationobjects.Simulation
      extended by de.steeringbehaviors.simulation.simulationobjects.VehicleInfoSimulation

public class VehicleInfoSimulation
extends Simulation

This Simulation class is used to display information about the forces genereated by the behaviors on a specified vehicle.

Field Summary
protected  java.util.Vector m_forcebars
          A shortcut to the shapes representing the behavior forces
protected  Vehicle m_trackedVehicle
          The currently tracked vehicle
Fields inherited from class de.steeringbehaviors.simulation.simulationobjects.Simulation
m_background, m_Obstacle, m_parent, m_postSimulation, m_preSimulation, m_Scene, m_sceneHeight, m_sceneWidth, m_simulationTime, m_useSceneConstraints, m_Vehicles, m_wrapAround
Constructor Summary
          Creates an empty simulation object.
Method Summary
 java.util.Vector getScene()
          Gives acces to the complete scene description
 void runSimulation()
          runSimulation is called to run a simulation step on all the vehicles and additional Simulations.
 void setTrackedVehicle(Vehicle trackedVehicle)
Methods inherited from class de.steeringbehaviors.simulation.simulationobjects.Simulation
addBackground, addGeometrie, addObstacle, addPostSimulation, addPreSimulation, addVehicle, getObstacle, getParent, getSimulationTime, getVehicles, removeAll, removeGeometrie, removeObstacle, removeVehicle, setParent, setSceneHeight, setSceneWidth, setUseSceneConstraints, setWrapAround
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Field Detail


protected java.util.Vector m_forcebars
A shortcut to the shapes representing the behavior forces


protected Vehicle m_trackedVehicle
The currently tracked vehicle

Constructor Detail


public VehicleInfoSimulation()
Creates an empty simulation object. Add scene objects and additional simulation steps afterwards.

Method Detail


public void setTrackedVehicle(Vehicle trackedVehicle)


public java.util.Vector getScene()
Gives acces to the complete scene description

getScene in class Simulation
The current scene


public void runSimulation()
runSimulation is called to run a simulation step on all the vehicles and additional Simulations. The idea of having a pre- and post simulation is, to allow additional simulation steps to be created and seamlessly plugged into the system.

runSimulation in class Simulation